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Future Of Global Online Business Warfare?

Can my company really be targeted? Why? What purpose? What can be gained?

Posted by SeeOtter on Dec, 2018

Future of Online Business Data Mining

Can my company really be targeted? Why? What purpose? What can be gained?

The War of Tomorrow, Today. We are constantly living in a global environment of competition. Now that we have plenty of capitalist counties. We have developed a thirst for more information and knowledge, competition so to speak. As countries we become slowly more interested in the other/ladder competition so to speak this drive for cyber attacks increases on a daily basis. This is obviously used in order to get ones leg over the other, or get and become a more vicious competition so to speak. Once you know someone else secrets this can be used to recreate the same product, or perhaps even innovate the situation or product and sell it at a lower price, thus competition on a global scale, the repercussions should be understood and are critical to understand.

We eventually moved from IPv4, to IPv6 Why? We ran out of IP addresses for all the devices we are connecting to the internet. The internet is our power house, it's an artery thats fundamental to computers as we know it today, for knowledge and important information that is being utilized on a daily basis.

We cannot so much as “update” our machines, without being connected to the internet. This just shows how fundamental, the network and internet is for us. It is almost impossible to own a corporation and control one self, without having an internet connection, we even have several movements in place to try to give you free internet to the internet-less population. Remote areas’s, northern provinces and territories (In Canada) for example.

A movement of open source knowledge was started with Richard Stallman back in the day, when he discussed and educated us as a population that knowledge should be free, and not held in the select hands of specific individuals. He was one of my idols, who has created and crafted generations to come, such as connecting with Linus to eventually create GNU/Linux.

Development In Action?

Soon we will have a vulnerability checker, created. Our prime focus right now is just education of the general public and constantly run diagnostics on our clients to insure that collected information, stays secure. In order to help back the open source community, when it comes to novices, I want to help educate the general population. Even if it means creating an application that will allow users to learn more about the security levels and permissions set on the their own machines.

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Solutions and Application?

We propose that in order to secure your corporation, you need a proper team that will evaluate, assess and of course develop strategies in order to predict and prevent these kind of abuses. We as a company do assessments, and analysis’s in order to give you an adequate understanding of the potential of loss, or what we as a corporation can advise, if you decide not to pursue any security measures that is your own volition, but we are here just to inform you of potentials that can help save you thousands of not millions in data breaches, and data loss..