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What is the Cloud?

Reproductions of Cloud Storage

Posted by SeeOtter on Dec, 2018

Our Internet? Or the Global Internet?

Years ago, only universities, military corporations, and fortune 500 companies, had access to a network known as the internet, that allowed individuals to communicate with one another, send and provide information

The internet is now global, main stream — we all have access to it on a daily basis. It will continue to grow and develop. The internet started off with only a small amount of servers, and devices that utilized the internet. .

We eventually moved from IPv4, to IPv6 Why? We ran out of IP addresses for all the devices we are connecting to the internet. The internet is our power house, it's an artery thats fundamental to computers as we know it today, for knowledge and important information that is being utilized on a daily basis.

We cannot so much as “update” our machines, without being connected to the internet. This just shows how fundamental, the network and internet is for us. It is almost impossible to own a corporation and control one self, without having an internet connection, we even have several movements in place to try to give you free internet to the internet-less population. Remote areas’s, northern provinces and territories (In Canada) for example.

A movement of open source knowledge was started with Richard Stallman back in the day, when he discussed and educated us as a population that knowledge should be free, and not held in the select hands of specific individuals. He was one of my idols, who has created and crafted generations to come, such as connecting with Linus to eventually create GNU/Linux.

What is the "Cloud"?

Well in layman’s terms, the Cloud is storage that is actually being contained in a completely different location than your own internal storage system. So let's go into a little bit of detail here in case you are a novice to computers and technology. Internal storage is basically the computers storage system such as a hard drive/ thumb drive, SSD Hard Drive, Etc.

The term cloud, is basically a fancy word for “Off-site storage”. This could be looked upon with pros and cons. It depends on how you want to go about understanding or trusting the cloud and internet and eventually the corporations that manife st the most power to control this information and data. Big companies in the future will be managing your data, and you're confidential information, do we trust them? This is a separate debate, I will continue this in another post, specifically for the paranoid population such as my self.

Any thing “off-site” storage and management of information is basically called cloud storage. This information once again could be housed in any country and does not really have to abide by specific laws, due to the simple fact that databases could be housed in various countries and regions, all with their own laws. This allows individuals to collect information and use it as they please. This can be looked upon in a negative or positive light, it depends on what your belief system is and how ethical these corporations are and will be with your information. Ethics is a whole story all together, especially when it comes to computer ethics, and the ethical code of the “Internet”. We could also continue this debate, with the start and rising of social media from the times of MySpace, to now Instagram and Facebook, the eyes and ears of the world. We uploading information unknowing that technically, we do not own the property rights to our own “Messages”, “Images” and even our “original-ideas”

I am finding personally though, that a lot of corporations do create a privacy policy seriously and may create and alter it as times goes along, they acquire legal teams and make decisions when it comes to those situations. This can be harmful, but mostly just makes no sense for the end users, such as us. I mean if I am agreeing to a policy, I would imagine it would stay the same instead of being altered every few months. Do I have time to constantly review and go over the changes, as an end user I do not, and thus the corporations are well affirmed with this belief. This lead us to multiple problematic situations. I mean for one, the internet is pretty new, and by new I mean being born in the 90’s, I have seen the internet change from being an investment for the elite (universities and high end schools, would own the licensing to Unix- owned by AT&T) to what the computer scene has become today. Personal desktops, Personal laptops, tablets, cell phones that are stronger than the computer machines that are now called Dinosaurs.

The internet does not have a governing body for now, well this changes daily. Well I mean it depends on how you are looking at what is a governing body, and what exactly is being collected when it comes to Data. When I refer to data I refer to packets, such as 1’s and 0’s, the language that your computer speaks to other computers. The internet is an international network and the future changes constantly. Ideally each country would want to create their own ISP and internet provider in the future, and this is where we are heading. Freedom of information and knowledge.

We are going to constantly edit this article, and publication. (please do not judge us, for spelling mistakes and misinformation at the moment).

Thumbs up for Open Source Communities

Well I have done some research and my own due diligence on certain technological subjects, and found out, some interesting material through the course of my experience online. I can give this credit to the open source communities that I have called home. They are wonderful and deserve a lot of credit and obviously so do the individuals that bring them together. Open source knowledge and freedom of information is one of the best movements of our time and will continue to expand and grow exponentially, it allows novices to learn more about computers, it also allows us to educate our self some more, about how certain things function even if we did not know about them previously. For example a lot of the knowledge I have obtained have been from open source communities and boards and have also returned the favour back by offering perhaps some skill they did not have previously, may it be a different outlook on life, etc.

The Conclusion

Let us encrypt your data for you

The conclusion I have came too would be that, as human nature, continues to develop and the internet continues to grow, we will need to secure our “personal” belongings just as we secure our mental knowledge by not giving away confidential information on a daily basis, unless after all if you do not care what so ever about your personal data, photos, messages, and convenience is strictly your focus. This might not be the company and artlce for you. We are here to help people protect their lives, their companies, and in the end information that you created. If you require more information on encrypting your personal data, feel free to contact us and inquire about our services. We tailor to small or larger corporations that are very interested in protecting the data they own. This can be done in a multitude of ways, but is time consuming, also if you do not know what you are doing, you risk mass data loss, that is assuming you are not doing daily or monthly backups as most users should. We will constantly be editing these publications so stay tuned. If you have any more questions or comments, that you want posted on this page feel free to email us, and correct us if we are wrong.